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About Dr. Alex McKenna

His successful career has included senior level line (P/L) authority and chief company labor relations spokesperson for a major multidivisional manufacturing corporation, independent labor relations consulting in the private and public sector, partnership in the first ever outplacement firm when the domestic industry was launched and adjunct faculty positions at major universities as prelude to establishing his own " coaching and counseling practice".

Academically, he earned a baccalaureate at SUNY-Buffalo, (BS, Labor and Industrial Relations), MS in Education from Niagara University and PhD in Education (emphasis on Labor Relations ) from Marquette University. He was ad-hoc faculty with the Center for Disputes Resolution, American Arbitration Association, Washington D.C. and an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau of Western New York State.

Currently, he is a member of the Career Education Board of the Pinellas Education Foundation, headquartered in Pinellas County Florida