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Bespoke Coaching

"Words without thoughts never to heaven go."
— Shakespeare

Bespoke Coaching is intended to provide C-suite executives a confidential 'listening post', 'sounding board' and an external perspective not influenced by internal biases or prejudice. It provides invaluable 'checks and balances' when difficult decisions must be made. At the executive level personal philosophy, leadership style, business acumen, strategic thought, and tactical execution, are definitive and inextricably linked to business success, career opportunities and changes in direction, personally and professionally.

Career Continuation

"Failure to plan is planning to fail."
— John Wooden, UCLA Men's Basketball Coach.

Career Continuation is situationally centered around a simple question most of us confront at some point in our careers: "What's Next?" Career progression is not usually linear, there are 'ups, downs', periods of stagnation and occasionally involuntary decisions driven by internal and external events.

Organizationally, asking "What's Next?" connects strategies, expectations, and tactics to the collective and individual strengths of its human resources. Succession planning is much ballyhooed, but often falls critically short of its intended goals. As the global economy continues its struggle to overcome persistent and chronic labor shortages, succession plans become unavoidably perpetual.

Organization Triage

"Every day, ordinary people do extraordinary things."
— Jim Valvano, (1941-1993) Iconic Basketball Coach, North Carolina State University

Organization Triage is all about creating and maintaining the competitive health of the organization. Strategic vision and tactical leadership supported by exceptional teams is critical to meeting expectations and organization harmony. This is especially true as the 21st century continues to unfold.

Breathtaking changes in technology, accelerated timetables, on-demand decision reactions, exciting applications for new products and processes and global markets expanding to fill the needs of a new world order are everyday occurrences which cannot be ignored.

If gaining and maintaining competitive edge and industry superiority are goals so is promptly identifying, addressing, correcting and eliminating any dysfunction which threatens or interferes with them.

A supportive meritorious environment is the crucible from which winning teams emerge. From Super star to journeyman, it encourages and stimulates employees to collectively use their talents to accomplish ambitious goals and rewards their performance. Developing employees with promise, and remediating those whose progress and contribution is in decline or stalled is fundamental to organization exceptionalism.

Decisionmaking Resources